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The Legacy Collective is excited to offer

"Focus Juice,"

some of the liveliest & tastiest cold-brewed concentrate

always brewed to order in micro-batches,

using quality coffee

& delivered fresh, directly to you.

There are two sizes available to order. 

32 oz. / $20

64 oz. / $30

Orders are delivered for free within 20 miles of Chino, California.

(Please note: the price above includes a $5 refundable bottle deposit. Refills are $5 less than the price above. There is a $5 delivery charge per order to deliver outside of 20 miles.)


To order your cold brew, fill out the form below.

Leave no field blank. Please make sure to let us know how many bottles you'd like. If there is any special information we should know right away, please include that in the message field.

If a friend referred you, please let us know who it was! We love friendship! We like nice notes, too. Nice notes are nice.  :-)

If you choose to pay in advance, you will be sent an invoice following a confirmation email.

If you wish to pay upon delivery, you may do so using cash or card.

Thanks! Your order has been received. We will contact you as promptly as possible to confirm your order.

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