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The Legacy Collective

is proud to offer focus in liquid form.


Each small batch is crafted with

high quality coffee, passion, and intent;

each indulgence will leave you craving more,

down to the very last drop.

This isn't just any cold-brewed concentrate.

This is Legacy Focus Juice.

Cold-brewed coffee is known for having less bitterness than hot-brewed coffee, largely due to the absence of hot water during the brewing process. Instead of quickly extracting the flavors of coffee with hot water brewing, cold brewing takes a much longer time, but with no heat, resulting in a smoother, richer, more complex coffee to enjoy. Since Focus Juice is a concentrate, that means you can enjoy it several ways. You can choose to have it neat, on the rocks, or cut with water or milk, and served iced or hot. The result is always gonna be delicious, so have fun experimenting. 

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